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Rogowski Coil Current Probes with Small Cross-Section

June 26, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Teledyne LeCroy announced the latest contribution to its Teledyne Test Tools (T3)-branded portfolio of test equipment with the launch of a series of Rogowski Coil Current Probes, which measure alternating current or high-speed current pulses. The broad range of products in the Teledyne Test Tools Rogowski Current probes series cover wide frequency span and current measurement ranges for maximum application coverage. The company says they are easy to use even in difficult-to-reach parts of the circuit.

The flexibility of the probe sense coil means that measurements can often be made without having to modify the circuit under test, thereby giving more accurate results, while remaining isolated, with a very low insertion load of only a few pH. The inclusion of both battery power and wall plug operation allows the T3RC Rogowski Coil Current Probes to work out in the field and on the bench.

The T3RC series of Rogowski Current probes can measure and test applications including:

  • Component level design and development such as semiconductor switching waveforms in MOSFET or IGBT, also capacitor and inductor devices.
  • System level development such as motor drives in hybrid and fully electric transportation systems (automotive, rail, sea, etc).
  • Power converter design and development for wind farms and other renewable energy.
  • Research and Development.
  • Long term system monitoring and maintenance.

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At 1.7mm the T3RC0300-UM features the company's smallest cross section sense coil. This small cross-section allows its use in embedded power applications where it's necessary to probe around the leg of power components such as capacitors, inductors, or small switching devices as small as a TO220 MOSFET.

The T3RC0600-HF and T3RC3000-HF are general purpose Rogowski probes covering up to 600A and 3000A respectively. With a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C, extended high-frequency coverage, and 5kV peak insulation, they are suited to both general purpose and can be used in a broad range of environmental temperatures.

The T3RC3000-LF and T3RC6000-LF Rogowski probes provide low-frequency performance down to less than 1Hz. Therefore, the maximum droop on low-frequency pulses is typically 0.1%/ms or less, while offering the company's highest level of peak insulation of 10kV and an operating temperature range of -20°C to +100°C.

According to the company, the T3 portfolio offers a comprehensive range of essential turnkey and ancillary test equipment that is reliable, efficient, affordable. The portfolio is suitable for assembling well-equipped test benches.

Teledyne created the T3 branded portfolio to meet the product-design needs of customers across industries including manufacturing, automotive, communications, defense, and mobile.

"The introduction of the T3 branded range of Rogowski Coil Current Probes is an exciting development in our market-leading range of probing solutions under the Teledyne LeCroy brand," said Roberto Petrillo, GM, Teledyne Test Tools. "We offer customers a choice of five models, providing measurement capabilities up to 6,000 Amps and the ability to connect around the leg of a T0-220 device. The probes are connected to the oscilloscope via a standard BNC connection, which allows these probes to be used with all industry-standard oscilloscopes, not just those under the Teledyne LeCroy and Teledyne Test Tool brands. With prices starting from only $1,720, these new probing solutions answer the call for affordable and readily-available test bench equipment and accessories that are fully supported by Teledyne LeCroy's world-class technical support experts."

Through strategic collaborations with leading OEM technology partners, Teledyne LeCroy plans to launch a series of new products under the T3 brand that provide a broad range of quality test solutions and functionalities to reduce time-to-market, and enable product validation and design innovation. The brand will be supported by the Teledyne LeCroy Customer Care organization.

Main Features
  • 5 different probes covering a wide range of applications
  • Maximum current measurement coverage up to 6000A
  • Maximum voltage insulation up to 10kV peak
  • Connect to a wall plug or use with batteries
  • Low loading of the circuit under test
  • Wide coil operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C on UM and HF probes -20°C to +100°C for LF probes.
  • Use without modification to the DUT.
Oscilloscope Compatibility

The Teledyne Test Tools Rogowski probes are compatible with all of the Teledyne Test Tools Oscilloscopes as well as the Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes.

The Teledyne Test Tools Rogowski probes have a simple connection requirement of a BNC input with 1MΩ impedance. These probes will, therefore, work with the majority of oscilloscopes in the market.

The probes can use the Oscilloscope's Attenuation function to re-scale the Channel vertical range.

Physical specifications (Click on chart to enlarge)

Electrical specifications (Click on chart to enlarge)


The T3 branded range of Rogowski Coil Current Probes start at about $1,720 and are available with a lead time of 4-6 weeks.