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Rogers Corporation´s Advanced Electronics Solutions Group Introduces curamik Endurace — Enhanced Direct Bonded Coppy Cermaic Substrate

August 20, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

Rogers Corporation’s (NYSE:ROG) Advanced Electronics Solutions (AES) group launches curamik Endurance substrates which is a Direct Bonded Copper Ceramic Substrate with enhanced properties.

curamik® Endurance substrates provide enhanced reliability performance compared to material combinations of the same dimensions.  This reliability improvement makes the new substrates well suitable for high power applications, such as in EV/HEV, Vehicle Electrification, Industrial, Renewable and Mass Transit. curamik® Endurance extends the field of applications for DBC.

curamik Endurance Substrates:

  • curamik Endurance (Al2O3)
  • curamik Endurance Plus (HPS)
  • curamik Endurance Thermal (AlN)


Thermal cycle tests show that curamik® Endurance substrates have an extraordinary increased lifetime compared to its alternative standard DBC substrates with dimples (AlN, Al2O3, HPS (ZTA)). 

To achieve the increase in reliability, Rogers adjusted the design of the copper sidewall to gain the perfect stress release. The current available material combinations are all based on a 0.3mm copper thickness. The ceramic types Al2O3, HPS (ZTA) and AlN can be chosen by referencing our curamik® Ceramic Substrates - DBC Technology design rules. 


  • Cu-Thickness: 0.3 mm
  • Ceramic Types: Al2O3, HPS, AlN
  • Thermal conductivity: 24, 26, 170 W/mK
  • Ceramic Thicknesses: acc. Std. Design Rules

Our solution is based on known material and combinations for easy implementation and therefore results in endurance by design.

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