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RECOM Unveils Eighth-Brick 100W and 300W DC/DC Converters

November 04, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The light load efficiencies of over 90% for both units suit them to applications with low standby loss requirements.

RECOM’s RPA100E-W and RPA300E are cost-effective, single output devices with typical efficiencies of 92% and 94.8%, respectively. The open-frame units feature remote sensing and on/off control. Protection features include under-voltage lockout as well as over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current protections.


The RPA100E-W and the RPA300E. Image courtesy of RECOM


The 100W RPA100E-W features a broad 4:1 input range of 16 to 72V, allowing it to work with 24V, 28V and 48V supply rails. Separate versions of this converter offer outputs of either 5V or 12V. The 300W RPA300E has an input range of 36 to 75V and offers an output selected over a range of 16V to 35V. The outputs of the RPA100E-W are trimmable.

As commented by Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC product manager of RECOM, “The RPA100E and RPA300E eighth-brick DC/DCs are great examples of our commitment to develop high power-density converters.” He goes on to state that, “They will find applications in all demanding industries from telecom, test and measurement, in data centers, industrial automation, and in PoE”.


Basic Facts about the New Converters

With only free air convection, both the 5V and the 12V versions of the 100W converter offer full load operation over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +50°C. With forced air cooling, the high end of the range is extended to 85°C. The 300W device offers full load operation over -40°C up to +85°C with forced air cooling. The RPA100E and RPA300E offer basic isolation voltages of 1.5kVDC/1 minute and 2.25kVDC/1 minute, respectively. 


The Two 100W RPA100E-W Converters

Both units can handle an absolute maximum input of 80VDC continuously, as well as a 100VDC input surge voltage for 100ms.

The 5VDC Output Version

  • Output can be trimmed from -20% to +10%, as described in the datasheet
  • Switches at 300kHz
  • With an 18VDC input and a full load, the unit draws 8.9A
  • Standby and quiescent currents are 5mA and 55mA, respectively

The 12VDC Output Version

  • Output can be trimmed ±10%
  • Switches a 350kHz
  • With an 18VDC input and a full load, this converter draws 7.7A
  • Standby and quiescent currents are 12mA and 60mA, respectively


The 300W RPA300E

This unit can’t tolerate an input voltage over 72VDC on a continuous basis, but it can handle a 100ms surge of 80VDC. The datasheet offers examples of how to control the output voltage over its 16V to 35V range.

  • Switches at 170kHz
  • With a 36VDC input and a full load, the unit draws 9.4A
  • Standby and quiescent currents are 30mA and 100mA, respectively


Physical Considerations

  • Both units are available in industry standard, eight-brick DOSA-compatible formats.
  • The dimensions of both DC/DC converters are 58.4mm x 23mm (L X W). The heights of the RPA100E-W and the RPA300E are 11mm and 12.7mm, respectively.


Regulatory and Safety

  • UL recognized component
  • Both units are certified to the UL/CAN/CSA 62368-1 safety standard for basic isolation
  • The converters are compliant to EMC standard CISPR22 class B with an external filter


Environment Standards

  • RoHS compliant
  • REACH compliant