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RECOM Extends the Current Rating of its RPMH Regulators from 0.5 to 1.5 Amps

December 25, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

The non-isolated switching regulators work with inputs of up to 60 volts and provide trimmable 3.3, 5, 12, 15 or 24 volt outputs.

Recom’s “3D Power Packaging” enables the tiny units to provide triple the current output with no increase in package size.


Image courtesy of Recom
Image courtesy of Recom


Members of Recom’s new RPMH-1.5 series of power modules are a mere 12.19 x 12.19 x 3.75 mm in size. The power-dense units deliver 1.5 amps, with no derating, at temperatures of up to 100℃.

These devices feature remote sensing, on/off control and a power good indication signal. They also provide protections for over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuits.

According to Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC product manager of RECOM. “We have increased the current rating of our RPMH series by a factor of three.” He goes on to state that, “This improvement opens up a much wider range of applications for the product. The wide input range, up to 60V, will be particularly attractive for 48V systems or applications such as automotive where high voltage surges can occur”. 


What is “3D Power Packaging?” 

The way to pack more power density into a given amount of board space is by leveraging the Z-axis by integrating 3D assembly techniques. Recom describes this methodology in its 3D Power Packaging video.

If more parts or circuitry is needed in a module, instead of adding length or width to device, internal components are added on top of each other. It is analogous to adding a second, third or fourth floor to a building, rather than buying more flat real estate. 

This is becoming a more and more common technique. Recom expounds on its take in its guide “Increasing your power density with 3D Power Packaging”.


Important Features

There are 5 members of this family of DC/DC converters. All provide a maximum output current of 1.5 amps


  Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Adjustment Range Efficiency at Full Load
RPMH3.3-1.5 5-60 3.3 2.64 – 3.63 73%
RPMH5.0-1.5 7-60 5 4 – 5.5 80%
RPMH12-1.5 14-60 12 7.2 – 13.2 88%
RPMH15-1.5 17-60 15 9 - 16.5 90%
RPMH24-1.5 26-60 24 15 - 28 92%


Physical and Environmental Considerations

The new series of modules are available in 25 pad LGA packages featuring shielding on all six sides, providing optimal heat management and EMI suppression.

The units adhere to:

  • EN62368-1 
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU + AM2015/863 
  • EN55032, Class B. Satisfying this standard requires a few external filtering components, as described in the data sheet.


Getting to Market Faster

Recom provides an evaluation platform for members of the RPMH-1.5 series. Known collectively as the RPMH-1.5-EVM-1 Series, there are 5 members of this group, one for each of the RPMH-1.5 modules.


The RPMH-1.5-EVM-1 Series.
The RPMH-1.5-EVM-1 Series. Image courtesy of the RPMH-1.5-EVM-1 Series Data Sheet


With members of this series of evaluation devices, each of the capabilities of the RPMH-1.5 can be assessed. These include trimming, sequencing, control, and sensing. Most importantly for designers, the modules’ reaction and behavior under conditions of overload and over-temperature can be evaluated much earlier in the design phase than typically possible.