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Proton-Electrotex Launches B0 Diode and Thyristor Modules

June 09, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights Proton-Electrotex the launch of serially produced single-component diode and thyristor modules B0.

Proton-Electrotex announces the launch of serially produced single-component diode and thyristor modules B0.


Image courtesy of Proton Electrotex
Image courtesy of Proton Electrotex


The design of B0 modules provides improved electrical and thermal parameters allowing to achieve IFAV / ITAV values up to 700 A. The VDRM / VRRM voltage range varies from 1000 to 6500V.

At the same time, new modules have an industry standard housing with a baseplate width of 50 mm making it easier to use them in existing equipment.

The B0 series has the following main features:

  • clamping module design;
  • industry standard housing;
  • insulated baseplate with isolation voltage up to 7kV AC (50Hz, 1 min.)

The modules are designed for use in energy converters, as well as other DC and AC circuits of various power electrical units. The main applications of the B0 modules are the electric drive control systems, rectifier bridges, AC controls, DC motor control, power supplies. More information and datasheets are published on our website.

Proton-Electrotex offers various options for customization of products, taking into account the individual requirements of each customer to parameters, connections and appearance of the semiconductors.

To discuss the possibility of supplying trial samples and clarify any details.


About Proton-Electrotex

Proton-Electrotex is one of the Russian leaders in the design and manufacture of power semiconductor diodes, thyristors, modules, coolers, IGBTs (IGBTs), as well as power units for use in various electric energy converters. The company was founded and began production in 1996 on the leased premises of the Proton plant. Since then, Proton-Electrotex has developed its own infrastructure for the entire production cycle. Production is equipped with modern production lines, measuring equipment of our own production and areas for “clean technologies” with full compliance with the requirements for electronic products and microelectronics.