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Premo Announces New Hall Effect Current Sensor for Renewable Energies

February 08, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

According to Premo, the continuous shortage on Hall Effect sensors in the market is generating big troubles on the industrial field and, of course, also in PV and wind inverters manufacturers. In order to continue supporting our customers, Premo has successfully introduced a close loop 1000A Hall Effect sensor mechanical and electrically equivalent to LEM LF-1005-S.

By means of close loop solution the high accuracy and linearity is guaranteed keeping values as low as 0.1%. The current sensor allows overload capabilities with a measuring range up to ±2000A. The current sensor is designed in order to meet the highest safety requirements and is fully isolated with plastic housing, meeting isolation values higher than 6000Vac.

The product is completely sourced and produced in China and is currently available in 6-8 weeks. Samples and pilot orders from stock.