New Industry Products

Powerex Intros 1200V IGBT - CM1200HA-24J

March 23, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Powerex (Youngwood, PA) recently introduced the CM1200HA-24J, a new 1200A/1200V low Vce(sat) IGBT. Powerex is also offering its new "GCT (gate commutated thyristor) System Set," intended to make the selection of power components simple for use in high voltage and high power applications. The new CM1200HA-24J IGBT is available in the same mechanical outline package as the 1200/1400V, 800A and 1000A, H-Series devices offered by Powerex. The IGBT has been developed for higher current handling capability while operating at frequencies less than 1kHz. According to Powerex, the new device can typically provide a Vce(sat) that is 30 percent less than currently offered NPT devices (at operating junction temperature of 125 degrees C) of comparable ratings. The IGBT can also be operated without the use of external circuitry to clamp surge voltages at turn-off, as the device turns off with minimum surge voltage.Intended initially for use in large kVA UPS systems and high kW inverter systems seeking to minimize external protection circuitry while achieving higher operating efficiencies, the CM1200HA-24J is available in sample quantities from stock, with production quantities obtainable with an eight-week lead time. Typical pricing is $500 each in 10-piece quantities.Powerex's GCT System Set consists of a GCT (FGC4000BX-90DS), an integrated gate driver (GUC-40) and the corresponding free wheel and snubber diodes. The targeted application area for the GCT is medium voltage drives operating from 4160Vac and higher lines and utility-type high voltage power systems. When procured as a set, a sample price is $4,900, with availability in 8 to 12 weeks.