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Pickering Introduces New HV SPDT Form C Reed Relays

March 30, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights Pickering Electronics changeover 1 Form C version of our popular Series 67 high voltage PCB relay that saves space and makes design simple.

New Series 67 1 Form C High Voltage PCB Relay

  • PCB Mounting with option of flying lead switch connections
  • Robust tungsten plated vacuum switches
  • Plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
  • Ideal for cable and transformer test or other high voltage applications


Image courtesy of Pickering
Image courtesy of Pickering


Pickering Electronics are pleased to announce the new changeover 1 Form C version of our popular Series 67 high voltage PCB relay that saves space and makes design simple.

In applications where high voltage signals need to be routed to alternate points, polarity reversing, capacitor charge or discharge for example, a high voltage Changeover relay (SPDT/Form C) would be the ideal solution. These are often implemented using two Normally Open (SPST/Form A) high voltage relays, by ensuring that one switch is always opened before the second switch is closed.  This requires twice the PCB area and can cause complex driving issues.  Also, if either of the SPST relays sticks then there is risk of unintentionally shorting signals. Pickering’s new 67-1-C high voltage reed relay guarantees break-before-make operation in a single, compact part.

Rated at up to 5kV stand-off, 2.5kV switching at 100W (max), the new Series 67 changeover relays measure just 58.4 x 12.6mm – the same size as a standard Series 67 relay – and are available with 5V, 12V or 24V coils. Devices feature PCB connections to switch and coil. Like many Pickering reed relays, the Series 67 parts benefit from internal EMI screening and SoftCenter™ construction. The fully-encapsulated, single-in-line relays employ tungsten-plated contacts. Optional flying leads are available for high voltage connections.


For a Free evaluation sample of the Series 67 please click here

To download the new Series 67 datasheet click here


About Pickering Electronics

Pickering Electronics was formed over 50 years ago to design and manufacture high-quality reed relays, intended principally for use in Instrumentation and Test equipment. Today, Pickering's Single-in-Line (SIL/SIP) range is by far the most developed in the relay industry with devices 25% the size of many competitors. These small SIL/SIP reed relays are sold in high volumes to large ATE and Semiconductor companies throughout the world.