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PCIM Europe 2019 Spotlight on Major Development Trends in Power Electronics

March 07, 2019 by PCIM Europe

Premiering at the PCIM Europe Conference, research results and developments along the entire value chain of power electronics will be presented to the

Premiering at the PCIM Europe Conference, research results and developments along the entire value chain of power electronics will be presented to the public. The conference dedicated to practice-oriented developments will highlight the significant trends of wide bandgap technologies and high reliable embedded power integrated modules.

With the demand for wide bandgap technologies, participants can look forward to extensive coverage of new GaN device designs including smart driving concepts, improved electrical-, thermal- and reliability-data for SiC components and innovative system designs that manage ultrafast switches in power converters. International experts from industry and academia will demonstrate several solutions on the system level as well as showcase the handling of extremely high di/dt’s and dv/dt’s inside the package.

Talks will include:

  • “Highly-Efficient MHz-Class Operation of Boost DC-DC Converters by Using GaN Transistors on GaN with Reduced RonQoss”, Shinji Ujita et al, Panasonic, Japan
  • “A 3.3kV 1000A High Power Density SiC Power Module with Sintered Copper Die Attach Technology”, Kan Yasui, Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device et al, Japan
  •  “Challenging the 2D-Short Circuit Detection Method for SiC MOSFETs”, Patrick Hofstetter et al, University of Bayreuth, Germany

In addition, interested participants can learn about the benefits of wide bandgap devices in system designs with advanced passive components. Also at this year’s PCIM, new ferrite materials for the next generation of power supplies and filters for motor controls will be discussed in oral and poster presentations.

Discussions will further center on the future development potential for Si based devices, which will remain the key devices for most of high volume system application at least in the next two decades. As Professor Leo Lorenz, General Conference Director of PCIM Europe notes, the event will outline new developments on the next generation Si devices with outstanding electrical performance optimized for particular applications.


Heading into the Future with Practice-oriented Topics

Also on the agenda at the PCIM Europe Conference is the hot topic of high reliable embedded power integrated modules achieving outstanding power densities. These relate to the development of new chip contacting technologies with a significant increase in the number of power cycles as well as advanced materials for elevated heat transfer and high isolation property. To achieve this target, the coefficient of thermal extension for all materials used inside the packages including the chip has to be matched. High-level experts will be providing specialist knowledge in the following sessions:

  • “GaN Micro-Heater Chip for Power Cycling of Die Attach Modules with Ag Sinter Joint and High Temperature Solder”, Dongjin Kim, University of Osaka et al, Japan
  • “Low Inductive SiC Mold Module with Direct Cooling”, Christoph Marczok et al, Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Germany
  • “Redundant Liquid Cooled SiC Inverter with Highest Power-toWeight Ratio for Electrical Drive Applications”, Stefan Pfefferlein et al, Siemens, Germany

All contributions are of high relevance to system design engineers. PCIM Europe Conference 2019 will trigger a new research area on high reliable packaging technologies for elevated temperatures with unlimited switching properties for the future development of power converters. As one of the highlights, Conference attendees can learn about the smart embedded power module consisting of ultrafast switches with an innovative integrated cooling system including the bus bar with RF damping on the switching cell directly and DC link capacitor. In addition, four extraordinary Special Sessions will deal with system development trends: “Technologies for DC Grids”, “Smart Functions in Power Electronics”, “Safety in Motion” and “Smart Transformers”.

"This year’s PCIM Europe Conference will be offering outstanding presentations covering three main elements of power electronic developments: wide bandgap technologies – devices and system design, highly reliable embedded power packaging technologies with excellent isolation and thermal performance including the management of ultrafast switching devices, and thirdly, future system development aspects for DC power grid including solid state power transformation,” summarizes Professor Leo Lorenz, General Conference Director of PCIM Europe.


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