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National Semiconductor Debuts LM2698 Regulator

September 16, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

National Semiconductor (Santa Clara, CA) announced the LM2698, the latest innovation in switching regulators for boost applications that combines boost switching technology and world-class design tools. This new solution is designed to enable a high performance step-up regulator in minimum time and PCB area.

The LM2698 is the first in the fourth generation of National’s Simple Switcher regulators. It uses current-mode control (without the need for a sense resistor) and pulse-width modulation to deliver transient response, line and load regulation, and simplicity of design. The 0.2-ohm 1.3A internal switch and 1.3MHz clock combine for unparalleled power density.

Optimized features -- such as 2.2V to 12V input voltage range, user selectable 0.6MHz or 1.3MHz clock and low-noise, easily filtered output -- make the LM2698 an ideal solution for DSL and cable modems, battery-powered systems, or applications requiring 2.5V to 3.3V, 5V to 12V or other boost conversion.

"Eighty percent of the demand for switching regulators comes from non-power supply designers," said John Perzow, strategic marketing manager in National’s power management group. "Designers with little or no power supply experience can easily combine National’s high-performance switching regulators with Simple Switcher design tools to create elegant power supply solutions. The LM2698 represents a new level of boost regulator performance and improves engineering productivity."

The LM2698 is now available in the tiny MSOP-8 package with a smaller footprint than previous designs, and is priced at $1.83 each in 1,000-lot units.