New Industry Products

Midtronics Intros CelltronSTART Battery Testers

May 05, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Midtronics Inc. (Willowbrook, IL) introduced the new CelltronSTART™ product line designed for the effective testing of standby generator starting batteries. The CelltronSTART line consists of the base model for battery testing and the CelltronSTART+ model that incorporates battery pack testing with electrical system analysis. Both products utilize Midtronics' patented conductance technology for effective diagnosis.

"Standby generators are a key element in an effective power management system," said Tom Dwyer, industrial product marketing manager for Midtronics. "These systems supply the continuous power needed for the most mission-critical operations. Often, the generators stand idle for long periods of time, and while the mechanical components are well maintained, the hidden problems of the starting battery are overlooked. The CelltronSTART line addresses this maintenance issue, making battery testing simple, safe and accurate."