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LLC Current Resonant-Mode Controller IC for Bridge Converters

August 10, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has begun offering the MCZ5211ST LLC current resonance control IC chip with a 600V withstand voltage internal starter circuit. LLC current resonance circuits are used to achieve higher efficiency and lower noise in 100-500W output class power supplies.

The MCZ5211ST is designed for use in ac-dc power supplies in a variety of applications including LBP and other document equipment, audio equipment, flat-panel displays, LED lighting and industrial equipment.

The newly-developed MCZ5211ST is an LLC current resonance control IC which features a high withstand voltage 600V starter circuit and low withstand voltage control circuit on a single chip, allowing for lower standby power without the need for an external starter circuit.

Shindengen’s proprietary control method (asymmetric control) provides the chip with an active standby function which improves power efficiency during light loads (of several W) and standby, which makes it possible to eliminate the need for the auxiliary power supplies required up until now.

The chip also allows for the operating frequency to be increased up to 500kHz, contributes to power supply miniaturization, and is equipped with a variety of protection functions, making it possible to construct a power supply circuit with a small number of component parts.

Features of the MCZ5211ST include:

  • LLC individual IC equipped with HV Startup (600V withstand voltage starter circuit)
  • Compatible with higher frequencies - Capable of constant operation frequencies of 500 kHz
  • Low standby power (built-in active standby function and burst function)
  • Built-in overcurrent protection input voltage dependent correction function
  • Control circuit power supply pin (Vc1) withstand voltage is 35V
  • Package: SOP18
  • Operation temperature range: -20 to 120°C