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LEM Introduces Low-Profile, PCB-Mounted Transducer

June 06, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

LEM has introduced the LAX 100-NP, a miniature PCB-mounted transducer for the measurement of currents up to 100A_RMS .

This new Closed Loop Hall-effect sensor can be configured, by means of the primary connections on the PCB, to measure currents up to 16.67, 25, 33.33, 50 or 100A_RMS . Its design simplifies integration with power modules in drive and inverter designs. Because the same transducer can be used for different current ranges, ordering and stock-holding are simplified. Also, in systems where a number of different currents have to be measured, this can be achieved with a number of LAX 100-NPs but only a single reference, reducing cost even further.

This new transducer is only 16.35mm high. It features a wide maximum bandwidth of DC to 300kHz and an overall accuracy of better than ±0.91 percent at a primary nominal RMS current of 100A. Typical linearity error is ±0.06% at 100A and temperature drift is 200 microamps max from 0 to +70°C. The Closed Loop Hall-effect technology results in no insertion losses and a fast response time (few ms). The LAX 100-NP, CE marked, comes with a five-year warranty, conforms to the EN50178 standard and is suitable for industrial applications such as variable speed drives, UPS, SMPS, air conditioning and home appliances.