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IPMs Lower Motor Noise and Power Consumption of Appliances

December 29, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the coming launch of its SLIMDIPTM-W, a new high-performance intelligent power module (IPM) that will enable washing machines, air conditioners and various small-capacity motor drives to achieve reduced motor noise and consume less power. Sales of the SLIMDIP-W will begin on January 15, 2020.

The SLIMDIP-W is based on improved reverse-conducting 600V IGBTs (RC-IGBTs) optimized for high-speed switching to reduce switching loss in high carrier-frequency drive, helping to lower motor noise.

Switching power loss is reduced by approximately 40% (Tj = 125°C, Io(Arms) = 5A) compared to that of existing SLIMDIP-L IPMs.

The SLIMDIP-W produces less noise compared to that of existing model, enabling the use of fewer noise-suppressing components on circuit board for smaller, lower-cost inverter systems.

In addition, a flexible wiring pattern simplifies layout design of inverter systems. Positioning negative electrode (GND terminal) next to P-side bootstrap power supply realizes more flexible wiring-pattern design and smaller inverter systems.

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