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International Rectifier Introduces Trio of 25V DirectFET MOSFETs

July 26, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier Corp. (IR)® introduced three new 25V DirectFET® MOSFETs. The IRF6622 Control MOSFET, and IRF6628 and IRF6629 synchronous MOSFETs are designed for embedded CPU power, VRM modules for servers and telecommunication systems and embedded dc-dc converters where high efficiency and improved thermal conductivity areneeded to increase power density.

"The 25V DirectFETs hit the sweet spot for 12V applications by offering voltage headroom compared to competitive 20V offerings and reduced power loss versus 30V devices with the same active silicon area," said Faisal Ahmad, Marketing Manager for DC-DC Computing Products.

The IRF6622 Control MOSFET features very low gate charge (Qg =12nC) for minimal switching losses. The IRF6628 and IRF6629 synchronous MOSFETs are optimized for low conduction loss with very low on resistance, 1.9mOhm and 1.6mOhm, respectively. The IRF6622 is packaged in a small can DirectFET with an SQ footprint while the IRF6628 and IRF6629 are offered in medium can DirectFET packages with an MX footprint.

The 25V DirectFETs are targeted for 20A to 30A per phase designs. In a 12Vin, 1.3Vout, 300kHz, five-phase design, one IRF6622 and IRF6628 pair per phase achieve efficiency of 88% at 130A together with IR's Xphase® chipset. Under the same conditions, the IRF6622 and IRF6629 pair reaches higher efficiency, giving 88.5% at 130A.

The IRF6622, IRF6628and IRF6629 DirectFET MOSFETs are available immediately. Pricing is US $0.53 each for the IRF6622, US $0.89 each for IRF6628 and US $0.95 each for the IRF6629, all in 10,000-unit quantities. Prices are subject to change. The DirectFET MOSFETs are RoHS compliant.