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High-Current Power Delivery Load Switches

December 06, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The DML3006LFDS and DML3009LDC from Diodes, Inc. are high-current single-channel load switches, capable of driving up to 10A and 20A loads, respectively. They meet the demands of notebook, tablet computers, set-top boxes, servers, gateways, telecom, networking, medical and industrial equipment.

The DML3006LFDS and DML3009LDC load switch provide a component and area reducing solution for efficient power domain switching with inrush current limit via soft-start.

In addition to integrated control functionality with ultra low on-resistance, these devices offer system safeguards and monitoring via fault protection and power good signaling. This cost-effective solution is suited for power management and hot-swap applications requiring low power consumption in a small footprint.

The 10A DML3006LFDS and 20A DML3009LDC are load switches designed to control, protect and recover power delivery integrated circuits. Features include:

  • Low On-State Resistance & Thermally Efficient
    • DML3006LFDS RDS(ON)= 8.6mΩ @ VCC = 5V and VIN = 1.8V.
    • DML3009LDC RDS(ON)= 4.8mΩ @ VCC = 5V and VIN = 1.8V.
    • The thermally efficient ensures sufficiently low surface temperature during operation.
  • Comprehensive Protection & Recovery Mechanisms
    • To protect the device and the system from possible fault, the comprehensive mechanism built-in comprises of: input under-voltage lock-out, thermal shut-down, over-current and short-circuit protection.
  • Package – DML3006 DFN2020-8 / DML3009 DFN3030-12
    • Low-profile, small footprint industry standard package.