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Hermetic 1200V SiC Power FETs

January 16, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) has released its new 1200V SFC35N120 SiC power MOSFETs. These enhancement mode N-channel MOSFETs deliver a maximum continuous drain current of 26- to 30-A and low RDS(ON) of 96mΩ max (@ 20A, 25°C). The SFC35N120’s low gate charge of 65nC max also leads to its improved figure of merit over traditional silicon MOSFETs.

These hermetic products are intended for high reliability aerospace and defense applications such as high voltage dc-dc converters and PFC boost converters.

SiC MOSFETs can increase efficiency in switching applications when replacing silicon MOSFETs. The SFC35N120 has a fast switching speed of less than 30ns (typical). With an on-resistance of only 190mΩ max at 150°C, this device also displays excellent high temperature performance, which allows for smaller devices, facilitates parallel configurations, and reduces thermal management hardware such as fans and/or heatsinks.

Summary of features

  • Fast switching, low capacitance
  • High blocking voltage, low RDS(ON)
  • Easy to parallel, simple to drive
  • Resistant to latch-up
  • Hermetically sealed power packaging
  • TX, TXV, and S-level screening available

Since silicon carbide has a higher critical breakdown field compared to silicon, SiC MOSFETs can achieve the same voltage rating in a smaller package than silicon MOSFETs. The SFC35N120 is available in the TO-257 through hole package and two surface mount options, the SMD.5 and Cerpack.