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Heraeus Offers New Customer-focused Heater Packages Used in E-Mobility

September 09, 2019 by Heraeus Electronics

This article highlights Heraeus Electronics heater technology portfolio with the new product packages and matched material systems of thick film inks.

NOVI, MI – Heraeus Electronics today announces the repositioning of its heater technology portfolio. The company has established new product packages and matched material systems of thick film inks addressing the growing needs for heater applications. The updated portfolio offers design flexibility and improved reliability to better suit customer expectations.

The material sets are packaged upon substrate types and focus on the customers’ desired operating temperatures, heater specifications, and design requirements – PET and polyimide packages for operating temperatures up to 250°C; aluminum and stainless-steel packages reaching higher temperatures up to 350°C; and packages for oxide and nitride ceramic substrates reliable up to 700°C.

“Matched material systems lead to faster design cycles giving our customers an advantage,” says Dean Buzby, Global Product Manager for Thick Film. “We are proud that with our new portfolio, we further improve our customer focus.”

Heraeus’ heater packages enable significant technology for the automotive industry – especially for electrical vehicle battery thermal management where the products ensure thermal stability, prolonging battery lifespans. Product offerings also enable systems for cabin and comfort heating. Sensors such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems rely heavily on thick film heaters to ensure proper operating temperatures as well as keeping lenses clear of condensation and frost. Thick film heaters provide high reliability systems with a rapid thermal response even at high operating temperatures. Furthermore, thick film technology enables manufacturers to customize form factors with very thin substrates.

Beyond Heraeus’ standard portfolio, the company is able to design solutions for special applications. In the Heraeus application centers, customers can test adaptions directly and optimize them to achieve a superior product quality.

Heraeus Electronics is a major supplier into the thick film market and increasingly providing solutions into the expanding thick film heater market. Heraeus has been providing solutions for thick film for over 50 years.

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