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Gowanda Offers SMRF 1812S SMT Inductors

February 12, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Gowanda Electronics (Gowanda, NY) announced a new series of surface-mount inductors, the SMRF 1812S, which offers the same design as the company’s SMRF 1812 Series, but with the added benefit of shielding that enables the S Series to be used in applications where coupling between board components is a concern due to board density. Applications for the SMRF 1812S inductors include all RF signal circuitry in communications, test and measurement, medical diagnostic and industrial process control equipment. Other applications include use in telecommunications, disk drives, computers, and modems and other computer peripherals.

Gowanda utilizes the same proprietary manufacturing process as is used for the SMRF 1812 Series, accomplished by centering the coil within the device to minimize stress on internal component parts, and by incorporating a high-temperature magnet wire. The design also utilizes a semiconductor-grade epoxy-molding compound to enhance product quality and reliability. The epoxy compound used for the S Series also contains specific additives that provide the shielding effect. Technical specifications for products in the SMRF 1812S Series include inductance from 0.10µH (±20 percent) to 1,000µH (±10 percent) and current ratings from 1,959mA to 85mA.

Gowanda Electronics also offers custom designs in the SMRF 1812S Series in order to meet the specific requirements of an application. Pricing is less than $0.50 per unit.