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GeneSiC Semiconductor’s 1200V G3R SiC MOSFETs Offer RDS(ON)s as Low as 20mΩ

March 14, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new series offers industry-leading efficiencies, switching speeds, power density all with low EMI emission.

GeneSiC’s G3R 3rd Generation SiC MOSFETs are offered in low-inductance discrete SMD and through-hole packages. They are aimed at power systems requiring ultra-fast switching speeds for the highest efficiency levels and, as per GeneSiC, they offer the Industry’s Best Figure-of-Merits.

Image courtesy of GeneSiC.


What is the Figure of Merit?

Two figures of great importance to designers using MOSFETS are:

  • The ON Resistance, or RDS(ON)
  • The Total Gate Charge, or QG

The Figure of Merit (FOM) has been defined as RDS(ON) times QG. The FOM is a very important starting point in evaluating a MOSFET. 

However, a counterpoint to FOM is offered by Chris Boyce, Senior Director for the Power MOSFETs Group at Nexperia in his article, “Optimizing MOSFETs to fit specific applications.” Here, Boyce points out that other factors, such as the reverse recovery charge (QRR), maybe more important in some situations. 

He advocated for what he describes as Application Specific MOSFETs (ASFETs), or MOSFETS with different specifications chosen to best suit specific applications.


Characteristics of the G3R SiC MOSFETS

G3R SiC MOSFETS offers a 20% better FOM than similar devices. Low device capacitances (Ciss, Coss, and Crss), allow for a faster and more efficient drive. The units are also characterized by low conduction losses even with increased temperature.

They also feature a reverse recovery charge (QRR) that stays low at all temperatures, offering a 30% benefit over competitive devices, allowing for higher operating frequencies and lower power losses.

G3R SiC MOSFETs can be driven at +15V / -5V gate drive, allowing for broad compatibility with the standard MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers of today.

As per Dr. Ranbir Singh, President at GeneSiC Semiconductor, “After years of development work towards achieving the lowest on-state resistance and enhanced short circuit performance, we are excited to release the industry’s best performing 1200V SiC MOSFETs with over 15+ discrete and bare chip products. If the next-generation power electronics systems are to meet the challenging efficiency, power density, and quality goals in applications like automotive, industrial, renewable energy, transportation, IT, and telecom, then they require significantly improved device performance and reliability as compared to presently available SiC MOSFETs.” 


Device Specifics

GeneSic provides a very comprehensive guide to G3R SiC MOSFETs. Of those listed, 14 having part numbers starting with G3R also have blocking voltages of 1200V. All are N-channel devices and some have a fourth Kelvin Source lead.

Image courtesy of GeneSiC.


RDS(ON)s range from 20 to 350 mΩ. Current ratings, at 25℃, range from 100 down to 10 amps.

The G3R SiC MOSFETs are offered in T0-247-X and TO263-X packages, with the “X” denoting the number of pins. The T0-247-3 devices, of course, offer no Kelvin lead. There is also one device, the G3R20MT12N, available in a SOT-227 package



  • Energy Storage
  • Inverter 
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Electric vehicle powertrain
  • Industrial motor drive
  • Uninterruptible (UPS) and switch-mode (SMPS)power supply
  • Bi-directional DC-DC converters
  • Smart grid and HVDC
  • Induction heating and welding



  • RoHS compliant
  • REACH compliant


About GeneSic

GeneSic produces a large portfolio of MOSFETs for 650 through 3300 Volts, as well as Shottky MPS diodes. There is also a strategic selection of silicon devices available. The company offers bare chip devices, individual dies separated from the wafer with no external packaging.

GeneSiCs power SiC devices will find wide applicability everywhere that the efficient handling of electrical power is paramount. Markets include the smart grid and high voltage DC (HVDC) power transmission. The series members are also found in renewable energy work, and in large-scale energy storage.