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Fairchild Announces Lowest RDS(ON) 20V MicroFET MOSFET To Extend Battery Life In Portable Designs

April 21, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor is bringing designers of portable applications a 20V 2 x 2 x 0.55mm thin MicroFET™ MOSFET that is said to provide the lowest RDS(ON) in the industry. The FDMA6023PZT is a dual P-Channel MOSFET in a compact, low profile package that the company says answers the portable design challenge requirements for thinner and smaller applications that are equipped with technology that conserves battery life.

According to the company, the FDMA6023PZT is packaged in an ultra-thin, lead-frame exposed MicroFET package with excellent thermal resistance, delivering superb power dissipation and reducing conduction losses compared to conventional MOSFETs. This device is designed with Fairchild’s advanced-performance PowerTrench® MOSFET process technology. This technology is said to yield exceptionally low values for RDS(ON), total gate charge (QG) and Miller Charge (QGD) – enhancements that are said to result in superior conduction and switching performance.

The FDMA6023PZT is part of a comprehensive portfolio of MicroFET MOSFETs that are pivotal in addressing the power design challenges in today’s feature-rich portable applications. This portfolio includes the FDMA1027PT, a 20V P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET, and the FDFMA2P853T, a 20V P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET with a Schottky diode. These products are 55 percent smaller and 50 percent lower in height than 3 x 3 x 1.1mm MOSFETs typically used in low-voltage designs.

The units are priced (each, 1000 pcs.) at $0.48, with a delivery of 8-10 weeks ARO.