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Energy-Hybrid PV Inverter & Micro Grid Simulation Test Solution

September 23, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Chroma ATE Inc. has developed a packaged energy-hybrid PV inverter and micro grid simulation and testing solution. To create a Micro Grid Lab for simulation testing, Chroma needed to build a backstage monitoring software platform so that it can optimize the energy usage and solve the abnormalities occurred through the Micro Grid system. In recent years the alternative energy of photovoltaic and wind power generation have increased and are being fed into the grid; however, these types of energy often vary with the weather and can make the power grid unstable. To optimize the usage of alternative energy and balance the grid to achieve peak load shaving, various countries are starting to promote the energy-hybrid type of photovoltaic power and wind power storage system with the combination of intelligent house and electric vehicle power supply to structure a micro-grid. The Micro Grid Lab supports the needed simulation test requirements.

System elements including a regenerative grid simulator, regenerative battery pack test system, solar array simulator, and programmable ac load enable key factors such as sunshine, temperature, wind speed, power grid and load changes to be modeled and tested. For example, the regenerative grid Simulator allows the user to create a simulation power grid and isolate it from the Mains. Besides simulating the voltage/frequency change of various kinds AC output, it can also simulate the voltage transient and harmonic waveform/interharmonics distortion. The regenerative battery pack Test System is a battery pack charge/discharge tester that can work with battery simulation software to provide a bi-directional power source for charging or discharging simulation test on the Power Converter System.

The solar array simulator can simulate various kinds of solar arrays and the I-V characteristic curves of different sunlight illumination temperatures. It also can simulate the dynamic change of sunshine, shadow mask and movement, actual weather change of long hours and MPPT calculation for power generating or testing on the photovoltaic inverters in the Lab. The programmable ac electronic load can imitate the household and commercial use nonlinear single/three-phase rectifier loads like LCD TV, home PC, LED lighting power, server system and EV charging station, etc. for energy accumulation photovoltaic and micro grid system simulation.