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Diodes Introduces Family of 18V Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converters

July 20, 2020 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights Diodes Incorporated AP62xxx family of high-efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC converters includes the AP62250 (2.5A), AP62300 (3A), AP62301 (3A), and AP62300T (3A).

Diodes Incorporated announces the AP62xxx family of high-efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC converters includes the AP62250 (2.5A), AP62300 (3A), AP62301 (3A), and AP62300T (3A). The devices operate from a 4.2V to 18V input voltage range supporting 5V and 12V power rails.


Family of 18V Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converters for Consumer and Industrial Applications
Image courtesy of Diodes

All members of the family have an adjustable output voltage range of VREF to 7V, where VREF is 0.763V for the AP62300T and 0.8V for the other parts. The AP62250 has a higher 1.3MHz operating switching frequency whereas all others have switching frequencies at 750kHz.

The AP62301 operates only in PWM mode regardless of load. The other members of this family operate in PFM at light loads to increase efficiency.

These buck converters include a full protection feature set that makes the system more robust including overcurrent protection, under-voltage lockout, and thermal shutdown.

The AP62300T is available only in the TSOT26 package. All other devices are pin-compatible with each other and are available in both SOT563 and TSOT26 package.


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