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Coilcraft Introduces the LPT1606 Self-Shielded Power Inductor

January 16, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Coilcraft (Cary, IL) introduced the LPT1606 Power Wafer, the company's smallest, self-shielded power inductor. The device is 2mm high and is designed for PC cards, notebook computers, wireless communications devices and hand-held products.

According to Coilcraft, the toroid construction of the LPT1606 is designed to minimize stray EMI, and the 5.3mm x 6.5mm footprint minimizes board space. The LPT1606 comes in nine models with inductance ratings from 1nH to 22nH and saturation current ratings up to 3A.

In quantities of 10,000, pricing for the device is $0.50 each and is available from stock.