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Bourns Expands Line of 1210-Size Automotive Grade Common Mode Chip Inductors

August 12, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

New compact and rugged inductors feature low radiation and high impedance over a broad frequency range delivering excellent EMI suppression.

Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced the expansion of its line of 1210-size automotive-grade common-mode chip inductors. The new model SRF3225TABM and SRF3225TAFD common-mode chip inductor series offer low radiation and high impedance over a broad frequency range to suppress Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) coming into or leaving the system. The new series filters complement Bourns' existing common-mode chip inductor portfolio and support higher data rate two-wire bus systems in automotive, industrial and other electronic applications. The two new compact-sized series of Bourns common-mode inductors are designed with a ferrite core and are bifilar-wound to deliver a shielded construction with superior common-mode noise suppression.

Image courtesy of Bourns.

The inductor core features a 0.3 mm minimum height sidewall terminal at each end designed to help enhance the component's mechanical strength after it is assembled on the board. Both model series are AEC-Q200 compliant providing high reliability and durability. The Model SRF3225TABM-201Y is specifically designed to meet Open Alliance IEEE 100Base-T1 requirements, and Model SRF3225TAFD-101Y is well-suited for common-mode noise suppression in typical CAN and higher data rate IEC 62228-3 CAN-FD Class II transmission systems. This model also supports differential to common-mode rejection (DCMR) for CAN FD Class III.

The Bourns® Model SRF3225TABM and SRF3225TAFD series are available now and are RoHS compliant* and halogen-free**. For additional product information, visit Bourns' website