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Battery Insulation Tester Decreases Risk of Electrical Shorts in Cells

March 03, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. announced the release of its new, compact 11210 Battery Insulation Tester. Chroma 11210 battery insulation tester was specifically developed for lithium ion batteries and capacitors in order to detect burrs or particles early in the production phase.

Manufacturers can then filter out potentially hazardous cells before shipment. This testing can increase product quality, reduce failures, and mitigate any danger that may come from an electrical short.

Able to perform manually or in automated systems, the 11210 battery cell insulation tester measures leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance (IR) of the dry cell as well as other insulation materials. In addition to standard LC/IR measurement, the 11210 has a unique function that detects partial discharge or flashover that may have occurred inside the insulation material during the high voltage insulation testing process.

With PD detection of the battery’s internal status before electrolyte filling, defective products can be filtered out before entering the next stage of production and, most importantly, before it reaches the market.

The 11210 has a wide range of voltage output from 1V for mobile phone battery cell testing (pouch cells) up to 1000V or 50mA to test high voltage and high charging current applications. Leakage current measurement ranges from 10pA to 20mA. Each cell test can be completed in 20ms which allows for faster throughput in production.