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Analog Devices Intros ADP3168/ADP3418 Devices

October 07, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Analog Devices Inc. (Wilmington, MA) introduced the ADP3168 and ADP3418, which work together to form a multi-phase, synchronous-buck, switching regulator to meet Intel's VRD/VRM 10 power specifications. The new devices have been optimized for converting a 12V main supply into the accurate core supply voltage required by Intel's next-generation processors.

The ADP3168 reads the voltage identification code directly from the processor and sets the output voltage between 0.8375V and 1.6V. The Flex-mode™ pulse-width modulated architecture provides a stable, high-speed control loop that drives the logic level outputs at up to 1MHz per phase while meeting Intel's tough transient requirements with the fewest possible output capacitors. The phase relationship of the output signals can be programmed to provide two-phase, three-phase or four-phase operation. Additional features include accurate and reliable short-circuit protection, adjustable current limiting, and a delayed power-good output that accommodates on-the-fly, output-voltage changes requested by the CPU.

The ADP3418 provides the interface and high-current drive to control external power MOSFETs. The driver also includes a new output-disable function, which allows for controlled shutdown with no negative voltage spikes on the CPU power supply rail.

The ADP3168 and ADP3418 are specified over the commercial temperature range of 0 to +85 degrees C and are available in 28-lead, TSSOP and SO-8 packages, respectively. The ADP3168 and ADP3418 are priced at $1.42 and $0.60, respectively, per unit in 1,000-piece quantities. Samples and prototype quantities are available now, with production quantities available in October 2002.