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Active Harmonic Filter for Commercial Buildings and Light Industry

February 21, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Schneider Electric announced its new AccuSine PCSn active harmonic filter. This new offer is based on its award-winning AccuSine+ platform and is designed to mitigate harmonics and reduce voltage fluctuations particularly in less-harsh environments like commercial buildings and light industry.

AccuSine PCSn is a key power quality offer within the EcoStruxure Power platform, part of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure architecture, the open and interoperable system architecture for building, grid, industry, and data center customers. The PCSn is a scalable, flexible, and high performing active harmonic solution that brings reliability and efficiency to electrical systems with increased uptime, greater operational efficiency, prolonged equipment life, and improved energy efficiency.

"Harmonic currents are a significant issue in power networks, especially given the growth of non-linear loads. Harmonics can cause equipment malfunctions, downtime, and large increases in operating costs," says Nicolas Larue, global offer manager for Active Power Correction. "The AccuSine PCSn recucs THDi to less than 3%, which guarantees a harmonic-free system."

The industry's most advanced harmonic filter capabilities

  • Active harmonic mitigation: Best-in-class performance to reduce THDi to less than 3%. Built on award-winning AccuSine+ technology, this guarantees a harmonic-free system, improves system reliability, and increases operational efficiency and uptime.
  • Power factor correction and harmonic mitigation: power factor (cos φ), THDi, and THDv setpoint features provide system-level visibility and control, ensuring that you comply with utility code, and that your system is running at optimal efficiency.
  • Mains load balancing: Harmonic mitigation eliminates harmonic current in the neutral, however, in a 3-phase system with single-phase loads, current still flows in the neutral. Applying the mains load balancing function reduces the neutral current to 0, resulting in a perfectly stable system.

Thanks to Schneider Electric's proprietary intelligent paralleling algorithm the entire system can be commissioned from any one unit, and new modules can easily be integrated and scaled up. With flexible mounting options including chassis, wall, and rack configurations, the AccuSine PCSn is designed to meet any installation requirement, adding reliability and efficiency to electrical systems.