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5V, 3A Synchronous Step-Down Switcher in 2mm x 2mm LQFN

August 19, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The LTC®3307A from Analog Devices is a very small, high efficiency, low noise, monolithic synchronous 3A step-down dc-dc converter operating from a 2.25V to 5.5V input supply. Using constant frequency, peak current mode control at switching frequencies up to 3MHz and minimum on-time as low as 22ns, this regulator achieves fast transient response with small external components.

The Silent Switcher architecture minimizes EMI emissions. Targeted applications include: Optical Networking, Servers, Telecom; Automotive, Industrial, Communications; Distributed DC Power Systems (POL); and FPGA, ASIC, µP Core Supplies.

The LTC3307A operates in forced continuous or pulse skip mode for low noise, or low-ripple Burst Mode operation for high efficiency at light loads, well suited for battery-powered systems. The IC regulates output voltages as low as 500mV.

Other features include output overvoltage/short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown, clock synchronization, and up to 100% duty cycle operation for low dropout. The device is available in a low profile 12-lead 2mm × 2mm × 0.74mm LQFN package with exposed pad for low thermal resistance.

Summary of features and specifications:

  • High Efficiency: 8mΩ NMOS, 31mΩ PMOS
  • Programmable Frequency to 3MHz
    • Tiny Inductor and Capacitors
  • Peak Current Mode Control
    • 22ns Minimum On-Time
    • Wide Bandwidth, Fast Transient Response
  • Silent Switcher™ Architecture
    • Ultralow EMI Emissions
  • Low Ripple Burst Mode® Operation with IQ of 40µA
  • Safely Tolerates Inductor Saturation in Overload
  • VIN Range: 2.25V to 5.5V
  • VOUT Range: 0.5V to VIN
  • VOUT Accuracy: ±1% Over Temperature Range
  • Precision 400mV Enable Threshold
  • Shutdown Current: 1µA
  • Internal Compensation and Soft Start
  • Power Good Output
  • Thermally Enhanced 2mm × 2mm LQFN Package