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4U 30kW Rack-Mount Programmable DC Load Returns 95 of Power to Grid

December 12, 2019 by Elektro-Automatik

This article highlights Elektro-Automatik EA-ELR 10000 30 KW Programmable Electronic Load is engineered with advanced SiC power conversion devices.

The EA-ELR 10000 30 KW Programmable Electronic Load is engineered with advanced SiC power conversion devices and boasts the industry’s best power density—requiring as little as half the rack space for the same power output as competing programmable loads. This latest generation ELR combines its high-efficiency programmable dc load with an equally efficient inverter (regenerative) output stage, returning up to 95% of the energy used in the test back to the ac grid. A master-slave bus provides for parallel connection of multiple ELR 10000 units to a maximum input power rating of 1,080 kW.


Elektro-Automatik EA-ELR 10000


The ELR 10000 provides a wide range of programmable functions to simulate complex testing such as electric vehicle EA-ELR10000_traction motors, battery discharge testing, PV simulation per EN 50530 and MPP tracking, and others. An FPGA-based function generator with a value table of up to 3,276 points enables creation and operation of load profiles that include sine wave, square wave, sawtooth and ramp functions. The device can easily reproduce non-linear internal resistances such as those of batteries or LED chains. Sequences can be loaded from and saved to a standard USB drive on the front panel.

“The high-power density, parallel operational capability and regenerative load feature of the ELR 10000 provides an exceptional solution to large-scale systems testing in automotive, solar and large-scale power supply burn-in applications,” says Eric Turner, Elektro-Automatik USA’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “The remarkable efficiency provided by the regenerative output dramatically reduces the heat losses and environmental energy costs.”

The ELR 10000 features dc simulated-load input voltage ratings of 60 – 2,000 V and current ratings from 40-1,000 A. DC inputs and ac power (342-528 V, three-phase, 50/60 Hz) are galvanically isolated, as are the built-in USB, Ethernet and analog control interfaces. Cooling is provided by temperature-controlled fans with an optional, innovative water-cooling feature available.


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