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3-Phase Power Analysis Software Enables More Thorough Power-Conversion System Evaluations

February 05, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Teledyne LeCroy has launched its 3-Phase Power Analysis software package, which brings 1-phase and 3-phase static and dynamic power analysis to its HDO8000A, HDO6000A and WavePro HD 12-bit High Definition oscilloscopes. With the 3-Phase Power Analysis software package, research and development engineers can now use Teledyne LeCroy's 12-bit-resolution oscilloscopes to better understand complex power conversion system and control behaviors and hasten power conversion system-design refinements.

The rapidly growing power-conversion market now extends into applications requiring complex dynamic power analysis during time periods as short as a single device-switching cycle. Conventional power-analyzer instruments cannot perform dynamic power analysis and are limited to long power-period (e.g. 5Hz to 500Hz) analysis.

Teledyne LeCroy's 3-Phase Power Analysis software package now enables more thorough power-conversation system evaluations and provides deep insight into complex dynamic system behaviors in applications including dc-dc power supplies, hybrid/electric vehicles, solar PV and grid-tied inverters, welding equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and HVAC systems.

Capabilities include:

  • Numeric measurement table to display mean value "static" power behaviors
  • Per-cycle Waveforms of "dynamic" power enables the correlation of complex power conversion system behaviors to other control or power system waveforms to debug drive system problems
  • Zoom+Gate mode for time-correlated, instantaneous understanding of dynamic power behaviors, and complete correlation to control system and other behaviors
  • Harmonic order calculations with tabular and spectral displays and THD measurements (available in optional Harmonics software package)
  • Support for two-wattmeter method to make accurate 3-phase power measurements using just two voltage and two current signals.

Complete System Debug

Acquire power and control system signals and perform 3-phase power analysis of the power section waveforms. Correlation of system behaviors to embedded control loop signals enables debug and analysis of all aspects of a 3-phase electrical system.

Numerics Measurement Table

Various voltage, current, power (real, apparent, and reactive), phase angle/ power factor, and efficiency parameters are calculated on acquired voltage and current waveforms and displayed in a table. The table is displayed along with the acquisition waveforms.

Zoom+Gate Dynamic Analysis

Capture long acquisitions and Zoom+Gate with instant table value updates and views of dynamic 3-phase power performance.

3-Phase Two-wattmeter Method Support

Two-wattmeter measurement method is supported, allowing 3-phase power measurements to be made using two voltage and two current signals. Therefore, 3-phase measurements can be made using 4 channels instead of 6.

The 3-Phase Power Analysis software package is priced at $3500. The ancillary Harmonics software add-on is priced at $1545.