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270V-to-28V DC-DC Converter Provides 1300W of Power at 96% Efficiency

April 23, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Vicor has announced the DCM5614, an isolated, regulated 270V-to-28V dc-dc converter with an output power rating of 1300W in a 5.6 x 1.4 x 0.3 inch VIA™ package. Providing unmatched power density of 451W/in3 at a weight of just 178g, the DCM5614 supports advanced airborne, shipboard and UAV systems where power density, weight and efficiency are critical.

With 96% efficiency, power dissipation is significantly reduced, and the innovative planar and thermally adept VIA package enables multiple cooling strategies for enhanced thermal performance. Modules can also be easily paralleled for increased power or stacked for increased output voltage.

The DCM offers low noise, fast transient response and high efficiency and power density. The optional secondary referenced PMBus-compatible telemetry and control interface provides access to the DCM’s internal controller configuration, fault monitoring and other telemetry functions.

Leveraging the thermal management and power benefits of VIA packaging technology, the DCM module offers flexible mechanical mounting options with low top- and bottom-side thermal resistances. When combined with downstream regulators and PoL current multipliers, the DCM enables power system architects to achieve power-system solutions with outstanding performance metrics and low total cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Isolated, regulated dc-dc converter
  • Up to 1300W, 46.43A continuous
  • 96% peak efficiency
  • 451W/in3 power density
  • Wide input range 180- to 400-Vdc
  • Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) 28V nominal output
  • 2121Vdc isolation
  • ZVS, ZCS high-frequency switching
    • Enables low-profile, high-density filtering
  • OV, OC, UV, short circuit and thermal protection
  • Fully operational current limit
  • Available in chassis-mount and through-hole VIA package
    • 57 x 1.40 x 0.37in [141.43 x 35.54 x 9.40mm]