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1200A DC Power System for Data Centers, Cable and Telecom

April 04, 2018 by Paul Shepard

UNIPOWER announced the Guardian Bulk M42 dc power system today. The new mid-range rack-mounted system is dedicated to servicing data centers, cable and telecom markets worldwide.

The Guardian Bulk M series is a 10RU high 19” rack-mounted dc power system that provides a bulk output of -48Vdc.

The configurable systems incorporate six rectifier shelves with up to 23 Guardian family high efficiency hot-swap rectifiers, with a maximum total current of 1200A (N+1). The rectifiers of the Guardian Bulk M42 series are internally fan cooled with speed control. The result is a function of load and temperature control, all while keeping acoustic noise to a minimum.

Features of the Guardian Bulk M series include:

  • >96% Efficiency Rectifiers
  • 1200A (N+1) Capacity
  • Remote Monitoring & Control Capabilities
  • Field Replaceable Controller
  • Ethernet Communications with SNMPv3
  • 3 LED Alarm/Status Indicators
  • 10 Form-C Relay Alarms
  • Control for External LVD
  • LCD Display/Touchpad
  • Easy Installation
  • Three-year warranty

The Guardian Bulk M42 also features ACX advanced controller monitoring systems that control rectifier output and provides LED alarms in the event of system failures. It is also compatible with UNIPOWER’s free PowCom™ software which offers local and remote management through an advanced Windows graphical user interface.

The ACX Advanced controller monitors system parameters, controls rectifier output, and provides alarms for system failures. The controller is hot-pluggable for easy field replacement in case of failure. There are 2 LED alarm indicators which indicate failures, (RED) Alarm and (YELLOW) Message. A third green LED indicates the controller is working properly.

As standard ten form-C relay outputs provide the alarms for remote use. Two digital inputs and outputs are also provided as well as an SD card with sufficient capacity for more than 20 years data logging.

The system can be programmed by means of a remote PC web page display. Communication is by Ethernet LAN with SNMPv3 including alarm trapping. It also has provision for temperature compensated charging of an external battery using a supplied TC probe. An LCD Display/Touchpad is included for local metering, status, and setup.