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10kA Miniaturized High Performance Surge Protection Device

August 23, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The SPD 10S 277 thermally-protected surge protection device from Mean Well is a self-protected device which is specially-designed to be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection.

Anticipated applications include outdoor and commercial LED Lighting, roadway lighting, traffic lighting, digital signage, wall wash lighting, parking garage/lot lighting, flood lighting, tunnel lighting, street lighting, and so on.

The SPD 10S 277 is constructed with thermally protected varistor technology. Its built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection to prevent catastrophic failure and fire hazard even under the extreme circumstances of varistor end-of-life or sustaining over voltage conditions. It also features a built-in LED indicator that notifies when replacement of the module is needed.

Summary of Features

  • 120- to 277-Vac operating voltage
  • Series connection style
  • UL1449 type 4 component assemblies
  • Line-to-ground & line-to-line protected
  • 10kA maximum discharge current (Imax), 8/20μsec
  • Thermally protected
  • Double insulation cable wire
  • LED status indicator
  • IP66 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Suitable for LED driver surge protection with class insulation
  • 10KV surge protection capability

The table below compares the product features of old and new generation surge protective device that are both rated for 10kA: