Zapworld.Com Celebrates Record Production

October 04, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Zapworld.Com (Sebastopol, CA) reported record production for the month of August and expects strong third quarter revenues as well as improved earnings compared to third quarter 1999. Zapworld CEO Gary Starr stated, "The electric scooter business continues to significantly exceed our expectations. New products such as our KICK and the incredible success and popularity of our scooters are major contributers to the anticipated strong third quarter. Starr noted that the considerable management expertise gained by the addition of John Dabels as president has been a key factor in the expanding manufacturing. With new production processes, better cost controls and several new supplier programs, production levels for the third quarter are expected to hit record levels, producing higher revenues and better third quarter results than expected. In August, ZAPPY production hit an unprecedented high of just over 2,550 scooters and continued growth is expected for the third quarter. "John Dabels and our entire production team are to be commended," said Starr. Starr also commented that orders in hand have hit a new high of $3.6 million, up half a million dollars from the previous record and setting the stage for a strong fourth quarter as well. According to production manager Jack O'Donnell, ZAP has initiated a second work shift and a seven-day production flow to help meet the demand over the holiday season.