Zapworld.Com Announces Aggreement with Kang Yang Industrial Company

January 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Zapworld.Com (ZAP, Sebastopol, CA) recently announced it has signed an agreement with electric scooter maker Kang Yang Industrial Company Ltd. (Taiwan) for the exclusive rights to distribute its electric scooters in North America. ZAP plans to offer the new scooter under its ElectriCycle brand.

"We have been test-marketing electric scooters in the US for a couple of years now and are encouraged by the feedback from our customers," said ZAP CEO Gary Starr. "Electric scooters are quiet, clean, reliable and affordable, perfect for site-seeing, college campuses, short commutes and errands around town. We look forward to offering them to dealers alongside the Zappy folding scooters and Lectra motorcycles."

According to ZAP, the top speed for the scooter is 25mph with a range of up to 20 miles per battery charge.

The new scooters will fall into a special moped vehicle classification under existing California motor vehicle codes, requiring a regular drivers license and a one-time $6 license.