XP Power Offers New Technical Product Guide

August 15, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

XP Power plc (Sunnyvale, CA), a provider of ac-dc power supplies and dc-dc converter power solutions, is offering a 136-page technical guide for power supply specifiers, which spans the major aspects of power supply integration, starting with an introduction to the basics of power conversion and then looking at design considerations for ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies.

Subjects such as regulation, noise, connectivity between power supplies, and status and control signals are covered in depth. The Power Supply Technical Guide also discusses ac uninterruptible power systems, inverters, frequency converters, and static switches. The final sections look at thermal management, reliability, and the increasing role that legislation plays in power system design with respect to EMC and safety. Technical articles covering the topics of configured power supplies, synchronous rectification, and military power from commercial modules are included.

A detailed glossary completes the guide.

The Power Supply Technical Guide is available free of charge, and can be requested through the company's website.