EE Power’s New Resistor Guide Available as a Downloadable PDF

July 25, 2022 by Ian Hahn

Visually attractive, eminently readable, and easily accessible, power engineers can now enjoy EE Power’s most popular content anytime, anywhere.

Rewritten. Redesigned. Revamped.

EE Power is ecstatic to announce that its enormously popular Resistor Guide is now available as a sleek, downloadable PDF! 

Teams at EETech operating in the U.S., Europe, and the Philippines worked tirelessly over the course of months to fully repackage the Guide’s numerous individual pages into one self-contained document. 

Five subsections, complete with their own hyperlinked tables of content, make it easy to navigate those pages. Each and every line of writing has been improved for clarity and flow. Tables have been redesigned and compressed, making them much easier to digest. And an extensive appendix now makes it simple to find key resources in one place. 


A sleek design and five subsections make the Resistor Guide PDF easy to navigate. 


“The Resistor Guide has been an invaluable resource to the electronics community for a decade now, so it is really exciting to have this new, improved PDF version for download by our EE Power engineering audience,” said Dale Wilson, EETech’s Director of Engineering. “I expect it will be very helpful for another decade.”

For those already registered as users with EE Power, The Resistor Guide PDF is readily downloadable at the top of any Resistor Guide page, all of which can be accessed under the site’s “Education” tab. 

For those who have not yet joined the site, creating an account is a simple process. All we need is a username, a password, and an account email for confirmation; it’s that easy! Once up and running as a member, you will gain immediate access to the Resistor Guide PDF, in addition to a diverse community of power engineers more than 20,000-strong. 


Tables are much easier to digest in the Resistor Guide PDF. 


Now that our designers and editors have tackled the Resistor Guide PDF, we look forward to updating EE Power’s Resistor Guide pages with the fresh copy edits, in addition to exploring plans for further PDF projects.

And that’s where we’d love your feedback. How did we do with our maiden voyage, if you will? Where can we improve? Is a simple PDF enough, or do we need to focus on additional formats? And which guides would you like us to produce next?

Let us know in the comments below!