Xoliox SA Announces Battery Technology Breakthrough

August 22, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Xoliox SA (Lausanne, Switzerland) announced a major breakthrough in its work to develop high-power batteries. The batteries, which are based on unique lithiated metal-oxide nanomaterials, will have a major impact on the powering of electric vehicles, power tools and other portable applications.

Xoliox's recent tests of these new nanomaterials have revealed charge and discharge rates that are more than 100 times faster than conventional lithium-ion battery technologies, enabling the battery to be fully recharged in under one minute. The ability to deliver such a high amount of energy in a short space of time coupled with the low cost of the battery would, for the first time, make electric vehicles or hybrid-electric vehicles a realistic alternative to the internal combustion engine. The considerable advantages of the Xoliox technology will similarly benefit many other segments of the growing market for portable power, according to Xoliox.

Xoliox is now collaborating with several large battery OEMs and is seeking application partners to further develop its technology in other areas. It expects to announce a number of wide-ranging co-development and co-operation agreements in the next few months.