Wirelessly-Powered Predictive Maintenance Sensors

April 16, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Wireless power pioneer Nikola Labs announced the launch of PfM predictive maintenance sensor system, the first and only maintenance-free solution with sensors that capture vibration and temperature (two of the biggest predictors of equipment malfunction) to monitor the condition of operating equipment and ultimately optimize maintenance programs for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

“Unplanned downtime is a significant source of economic loss and frustration for operations and maintenance teams at manufacturing plants. Predictive sensor data is a powerful tool for manufacturers to reduce unplanned downtime and to enable their machine maintenance experts to be more proactive,” said Will Zell, CEO Nikola Labs.

“Wireless power is game-changing for predictive maintenance. Our system provides the benefits of wireless sensors without the burden of replacing batteries on hundreds or thousands of wireless devices in a plant.

“This is a clear example of where wireless power creates extreme value for the end user, and we are excited to show our customers and the world Electricity’s Next Great Act in action,” concluded Zell

PFM-VT-00 Wireless Sensor

PfM consists of completely wireless sensors for temperature and vibration tracking that are remotely powered by and communicate with transponders. The system is the only 100% maintenance-free solution that provides critical predictive maintenance data to:

  • Predict equipment failures – Thereby avoiding costly, unplanned facility downtime
  • Prolong equipment life – Monitoring points of weakness more accurately helps operators better know when to fix versus replace
  • Monitor even in remote conditions – With PfM, great heights or depths, extreme conditions, and difficult to obtain measurements are now easily monitorable

Nikola Labs is a far-field wireless power company with the world’s first wirelessly powered, predictive maintenance sensor system enabling manufacturing facilities to optimize their maintenance programs. Nikola’s proprietary radio frequency to direct current (RF to DC) technology provides consistent power and communication for uninterrupted sensor data flow from task-critical and difficult-to-monitor components and processes. This overcomes challenges where wiring is inefficient, impractical, or dangerous.

Nikola Labs is officially unveiling PfM during the Reliable Plant Conference in Indianapolis, April 17-19, where its CEO Will Zell will present “How to Start Predicting Equipment Failures and Stop Fixing Machines” explaining the abusive break/fix relationship in which many plants operate and the necessary steps to prevent the escalating costs of unplanned downtime.