Wentai’s New 1.6kW PC Gaming PSU Uses Transphorm’s Gen III GaN FETs

May 29, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Transphorm Inc. confirmed that Taiwanese OEM Wentai Technology Corporation has developed a Titanium ATX gaming power supply series called Aidan. The premier product, the Aidan-T1616, utilizes Transphorm's TP65H050WS Gen III 50mΩ GaN FET in an interleaved CCM boost PFC. The result is a fully-modular, low-noise 80W (PSU) with close to 95% efficiency.

The Aidan ATX PSU series is aimed at consumer computer systems requiring ultra-high power such as PC gaming, AI, Esports, and cryptocurrency mining.

When compared to Wentai's Silicon-based 1.28kW PSU with the same form factor, the Aidan-T1616 offers 328W more power and about 1% higher efficiency at 50% of full load. This power output translates to a 20% increase in power density.

"The high-performance PC market uniquely serves use cases such as immersive gaming, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual currency mining that requires a large amount of reliable power in comparison to everyday PC use," said Aidan Liao, Senior RD Director, Wentai. "GaN provided the right technological advantage for us to conceive the Aidan PSU's design to answer that need. Transphorm's GaN provided the right quality, reliability and performance advantage for us to ultimately deliver on our vision with a top-quality, fairly priced power supply."

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Wentai developed its Aidan-T1616 power system over the course of 18 months. During that time, the company worked with Transphorm's regional application support team, whose positive reputation, according to Liao, was another significant factor behind Wentai choice of Transphorm's GaN devices.

Scheduled for formal release in early 2020, Wentai's will demonstrate the Aidan-T1616 at the company's Computex exhibit in Hall 1-1F, Booth Number I1307. The Aidan product line will also expand to include PSUs offering wattages including 777W, 888W, 1111W, 1288W, and 1388W.