WattzOn Announces Integration with Enphase PV Systems

September 03, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

WattzOn announced a major enhancement to its flagship product, EnergyCenter, through the integration of solar production data from Enphase. All WattzOn users with an Enphase solar system can now benefit from WattzOn's complete home energy solution. WattzOn provides its EnergyCenter through a white-label software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering to business partners, helping cities, managed properties and solar companies engage with their customers. WattzOn's tools help people save energy and water at home, through personalized savings plans, useful product and rebate information, and tips for easy habit changes.

WattzOn’s typical user saves nearly $240 per year in energy costs, and participants in its water programs save an average of 9,000 gallons per year. WattzOn’s partners use its software platform to engage with customers, quickly and reliably acquire customer utility data, and increase customer uptake of key products and services, including solar.

“Our integration of Enphase solar production data not only allows users to see how their solar system is doing, but combines solar data with utility bills,” said Martha Amram, CEO. “WattzOn users with an Enphase solar system can now get a complete picture of their solar savings and use WattzOn’s rich feature set to take their next steps towards even larger energy savings. We’re delighted to use our national coverage of utility bill connections to support Enphase users across the U.S.”

“We’re excited to see an early offering of a home energy management solution from WattzOn,” said Jay Goldin, senior director of global business development at Enphase Energy. “Our goal to make solar simple and energy smart is being realized through WattzOn’s integration of Enphase’s solar production data, as we take the next step in moving toward a connected home future. Now, thousands of Enphase residential customers can actively save energy and money with WattzOn’s solution.”

WattzOn’s EnergyCenter, complete with Enphase solar production data, is immediately available under a white-label offering to business partners, and is ready for all devices from mobile to desktop. This consumer-ready offering keeps customers connected to their solar installer and can increase post-installation sales and referrals.