Vanteck Subsidiary Awarded Hydro Tasmania Contract

July 25, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Vanteck Technology Corp. (VRB, Vancouver, BC) announced that it's subsidiary, Pinnacle VRB Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia), has been awarded a contract to provide the energy storage component of Hydro Tasmania's King Island Renewable Energy Expansion Project.

The company will be constructing and installing a VRBPower System with a continuous output rating of 200kW for four hours. The system will be designed to provide a short-term output of 300kW for five minutes to allow time for starting a diesel generator, and also to provide an instantaneous output of 400kW for up to 10 seconds during fault conditions. The purpose of the VRBPower System is to smooth the power output of the wind farm and maximize the use of available wind energy. The VRBPower System will be installed early in 2003. The expansion project also includes the installation of additional wind turbines, which will be installed by mid 2003.