UPSaaS is Uninterruptible Power as a Service

October 10, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

AEG Power Solutions and Burland Energy SA today announced the signing of an UPSaaS™ sales and service agreement. This partnership allows customers to receive fully-conditioned power to their mission critical facilities at a fixed kWh price. UPSaaS (UPS-as-a-Service) program is a supplementary service for power utility. UPSaaS is an alternative means of providing fully conditioned electricity to mission critical applications.

UPSaaS is the simplest and most economically viable method to deliver conditioned power on a pay-per-use basis. Customers can make great savings in: Costs of financing; Costs of maintenance and service; Costs of asset depreciation; Anticipated future load growth challenges; Better working capital management

AEG Power Solutions is providing its products and services to UPSaaS customers with Burland Energy and will promote UPSaaS through its sales network as an innovative alternative to traditional capital investment purchases and as an additional dimension of flexibility to the solutions they offer.

Customers will never assume ownership of any assets to provide reliable power (representing a move from CAPEX to OPEX). Furthermore, rather than fixed monthly payments, such as traditional renting solutions, UPSaaS monthly billing is based upon a fixed rate per kWh consumed, just like any other utility provider. The kWh price includes everything; all needed products, installation, maintenance, service, spare parts and batteries for the entire duration of the contract.

Even with the new IFRS and US-GAAP Accounting standards, customers continue booking the related costs to their operational expenditure (OPEX) and avoid capital investment (financing) and asset depreciation.

"AEG PS represents everything we are looking for in a partner; an agile organization, outstanding quality products, large service networks and a 125-year-old brand name," says Risto Thurén, President of Burland Energy. "Together with AEG PS we are well positioned to meet the growing demand of assisting customers to make a move from being a passive owner to an efficient user."

"UPSaaS is an attractive alternative for customers to benefit from AEG PS' highly reliable UPS solutions and services by receiving a fully packaged service without any capital investment. We believe that innovation today is not only technical but also a matter of how we are servicing our customers," explains Jeffrey Casper, AEG PS CEO. "Burland's approach is opening a disruptive change in offering secured energy supply as a service and we are very happy to develop business with them along this path."