Ultralife Receives $900,000 Military Battery Order

February 11, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Ultralife Batteries Inc. (Newark, NY) announced the receipt of a new order valued at over $900,000, from the US Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) against an existing contract for its BA-5372/U lithium/manganese dioxide primary (non-rechargeable) battery. Shipments against the order are expected to begin in a few months, with scheduled deliveries through most of 2003.

John Kavazanjian, Ultralife's president and chief executive officer, said, "Ultralife has been supplying this critical memory backup battery to the Army since the early 1990's, and this latest production release confirms the Army's continued confidence in the quality and reliability of our products."

The BA-5372/U battery is used for memory backup primarily for the AN/PRC-119 MANPACK single-channel ground and airborne radio system.