Tyco Electronics Publishes Circuit Protection Databook

January 22, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Tyco Electronics Power Components Raychem Circuit Protection Division (Menlo Park, CA) announced the publication of the 2002 edition of its popular Circuit Protection Databook. Expanded to include in-depth information on more than 30 new parts, the 350-page book presents application, product and technical data on Raychem Circuit Protection devices, including PolySwitch resettable devices, SiBar thyristor surge protectors and protected power switches.

Designed to assist users in selecting circuit protection devices, the databook includes detailed sections on the fundamentals of over-current and over-voltage protection and describes how these devices are used in telecommunications, networking, multimedia, portable electronics, industrial and automotive applications.

The Circuit Protection Databook is available by request in both print and CD format.