Two-Phase, Direct-on-Chip, Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

October 23, 2019 by Paul Shepard

ZutaCore, a waterless, liquid cooling company unlocking the power of cooling in data centers, announced today that their HyperCool2™ system for direct contact evaporative cooling (DCEC), powered by 3M™ Novec™ 7000 Engineered Fluid, is being deployed by partners such as CEI Modular, a division of Cupertino Electric, Inc.  A recognized leader in the liquid cooling revolution for data centers, 3M manufactures Novec fluids that are engineered to efficiently absorb heat generated by electronic components, reducing the need for electrically-driven cooling components.

The ZutaCore HyperCool2 system is designed to parallel cool all processors in a data center. Additionally, unlike water-based direct-to-chip solutions, where the risk of IT failure is possible due to leakages, the system leverages 3M Novec fluid which mitigates this issue via its non-conductive properties.

“3M Novec fluids for direct-to-chip cooling in data centers can help increase server performance while reducing overall energy consumption compared to incumbent cooling methods,” said Nancy Chang, business development manager, Data Center Immersion Cooling, 3M.  “We’re excited to support ZutaCore in demonstrating how liquid cooling can help address today’s computing density needs.”

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CEI Modular designs, integrates, deploys and commissions solutions with data center operators in mind and has added ZutaCore’s liquid cooling solution to its portfolio of modular data center designs for large, demanding data center operators.

“To stay competitive, data center operators need strategies—like those from CEI Modular—that dramatically shrink the data center footprint, simplify design and streamline installation,” said Bruce Baxter, senior vice president of operations, CEI Modular.  “Our fully-engineered data center solutions cooled-by-ZutaCore and powered by 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids offer an efficient, future-proof cooling solutions that densify computing in a safe and sustainable way.”

“Our collaboration with 3M is rooted in common goals and a desire to meet customer needs and address their pain points,” said Udi Paret, president, ZutaCore.”  “Leveraging Novec Fluids in ZutaCore’s DCEC technology allows us to offer our customers a lower cost of ownership that is designed to reduce their footprint, allows for design flexibility and is good for the bottom line.”