Trina Solar Announces Successful Testing of Cell Line and Targets Commercial Launch for April

March 07, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Trina Solar Ltd. announced that it has successfully tested the capabilities of its newly installed cell line. Trina Solar anticipates that it will launch its 50MW cell line in the beginning of April 2007. The company will continue to ramp up its cell line capacity throughout 2007 and is expected to reach a target capacity of 150MW by the fourth quarter.

"We have achieved cell efficiencies slightly higher than 16% and we intend to continue to improve these levels as we ramp up our capabilities in the coming months," remarked Dr. Mohan Narayanan, Trina Solar’s Vice President of Technology. "Trina Solar is very pleased to have reached such high efficiency levels in our first test of the cell line."

Launching the 50MW cell line by April is an important achievement for Trina Solar, as the company prepares to complete its vertically integrated model and reach capacity levels of 150MW by the end of 2007. Management believes that the vertically integrated model will allow Trina Solar to capture more of the value added in the solar PV value chain thus enhancing margins, while at the same time improving the company’s ability to monitor the quality of its products over the entire manufacturing process.