Transphorm’s 600V GaN Power Conversion Adopted by Delta Electronics

November 13, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Transphorm Inc. announced that it has been invited to present at Delta Electronics' Power Design Engineering event in Shanghai, to be held Nov. 22nd, 2013. Transphorm will present its JEDEC-qualified GaN (Gallium Nitride) on Silicon HEMT (high electron mobility transistor) products and applications based on its proprietary EZ-GaN™ technology. Transphorm’s participation as the only invited external supplier at this internal event, where Delta will share technology insights across a variety of areas at its Hangzhou Design Center (HDC) and Shanghai Design Center (SDC), will allow Delta's engineering force to proliferate the adoption of 600V GaN products in applications ranging from power supplies to various other inverters/converters.

“We have long recognized Gallium Nitride as providing unprecedented power conversion efficiency as well as reduced form factor in systems,” said Dr. Alpha Zhang, Director of Delta SDC/HDC and Vice Chairman of China Power Supply Society. “Today this great promise has become a reality with Transphorm’s GaN products. With the proof that high-voltage GaN on Si is qualified and available for production, we look forward to realizing the benefits of GaN being implemented into real power products in the marketplace.”

Transphorm has established the industry’s first qualified 600V GaN device platform with its TPH3006PS GaN HEMT. The GaN transistor combines low switching and conduction losses, offering reduced energy loss of 50 percent compared to conventional silicon-based power conversion designs. The TO-220-packaged device features RDS(on) of 150 mΩ, Qrr of 56 nC and high-frequency switching capability that enables compact lower cost systems.