THine Licenses SiliconGate’s Power Management IP

March 13, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

SiliconGate LDA today announced that THine Electronics has selected SiliconGate high-performance power management IP's for its next generation of high-speed serial interfaces. The next generation of high speed serial interfaces requires matching power management solutions allowing designers to overcome the new challenges.

Satoshi Miura, Advanced Development Group Manager at THine Electronics, said “We decided to collaborate with SiliconGate because it’s a world’s top level power management IP vendor. We are delivering new high performance LSIs quickly to wide-ranging customers. Therefore this partnership will enable THine to satisfy more customers in various areas.”

“THine is highly innovative company. We are proud to win THine as a customer," said Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate. "Power Management IP is no longer just voltage, clock and temperature. It is an enabling toolbox for new generations of chips with groundbreaking performances. And 'Powering your Success' means we engage from conception to production to match the demanding end-user needs.”

SiliconGate offers the highest performance power management IP cores, highly flexible and programmable, from ultra-fast dc-dc converters and LDOs, to ultra-low power RTC, passing through low jitter oscillators and high resolution temperature measurement.